2 comments on “5 Minutes To A Better Mix III: Tighter Vocal Harmonies (Recording Rev)

  1. Great techniques presented here. Its really giving me something I can use and, I’m actively doing just that. For instance – keeping the main part the main part when mixing background vocals. As a home recorder guy I’m not only artist, but also mixer and producer. As such, just after laying down tracks it is really difficult to become cognizant of the need to make the final needed edits. Its sort of like my intellect has to override what my hearing memory has already processed as “good”. Developing my skills through watching/reading your posts not just once but periodically afterwards is crucial to the process.

    I’ve subscribed to many tips and tricks and downloaded a few ebooks on the subject, and I have found yours to be the most helpful, even while I’m using Logic and not Pro Tools because the principles are the same.

    So thanks for your efforts!!!!

    • Thanks for the comment Rusty. I can’t take any credit. I just shared the link. Graham is a great giver of information and the recording revolution is a great site. These tips can def make our mixes better. They look very easy when Graham does them because he’s so well versed in protools. They aren’t difficult but it might take us a little longer so we gotta keep on doin because it’s the only way to get better. Keep up the good work.


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