About me

Hi I’m Tim Canterford from Melbourne Australia. I studied audio for 3 years back in 2003 and have worked in the Audio Visual Industry since. Over that time i have recorded music mainly as a hobby but i am more passionate about it than my day job so i try to do as much of it as possible.

I’m a drummer and have been in a few bands over the years. The band i’m in now is called “Fritzwicky” and we have been together for several years now.  We are a bit like Frank Zappa meets Mars Volta but not as good of course. We have our moments though. I record one of our jams nearly every week with a multi cam set up and multi mic. We get it set up pretty quick.

I started this Blog/Site to spread the audio info love. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and i will try to answer or find an answer for you. If you are from Melbourne,  i can record your music for a good price. I have a pretty good mobile setup and can come to your house or rehearsal space. Although you probably do too, but you should focus on playing so let me do the recording ;).

Recording Toms


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